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Steven Neuhaus

The Coach

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Owner and Founder of 4-Fitness (2005) in Genk, Belgium. As a therapist and coach I help patients and clients to achieve their goals:

Rehab after injury or surgery
Build muscle
Burn fat
Feel good
Perform better in Sport
Injury prevention

Continuing education is very important to me. I’m a lifelong student always looking to improve.

Masters Degree in Physiotherapy (2003)
Manual Therapy
Personal Trainer
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach Level 1
RKC/Strong First Kettlebell Instructor Level 1
Functional Movement Screen (FMS level 1-2) + SFMA
Training For Warriors Level 1 en 2
Exos Performance Mentorship Phase 1
Mentorship with Michael Boyle (2010)
Advanced Strength Program Design (Charles Poliquin)
YPSI Nutrients, Hormones & The Nervous System

I’m looking forward to work with you online or in person and help you achieve your goals.

“People do not decide their future. They decide their habits.
And it’s their habits that decide their future.” – F.M. Alexander



Online Personal Coaching

What do we offer:

Online programming (after discussing medical history, goals, training age…)
Online nutrition coaching powered by Precision Nutrition’s Procoach software
Online nutrition coaching and programming in PN’s Procoach software

What is Procoach?

ProCoach is a research-proven, client-tested and reliable system for coaching nutrition. ProCoach comes complete with daily lessons, habits, check-ins and YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL CUSTOMISED PROGRAM designed to revamp your eating habits and put you back on the path to health and wellness.

Using the ProCoach software you’ll be able to track and measure your progress on a daily/weekly/monthly basis while coach Steven is there to support you with regular communication and keep you accountable throughout your entire journey.


Nutrition Coaching

For Women & Men

An in-depth look at how the women’s program works.

An in-depth look at how the men’s program works.



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Next to the nutrition coaching you can get daily workouts outlined according to your goals and current physical activity level. You can then choose between:

A full (gym) workout

A home workout with minimal equipement

A quick workout

Or do your own workout


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